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Project Summary

GObike is embarking on a planning project to connect residents of Buffalo’s East Side to the existing system of trails, greenways, and on-street bicycle facilities in Buffalo, and invest in safe infrastructure within East Side neighborhoods. This planning project will consist of connecting two proposed trailways.

Hallmark generated a robust public engagement process through an equitable development rubric and strategy. Hallmark developed a strong stakeholder team and created multiple modes of outreach and data gathering methods, including an engagement website and events.

We create and hold spaces for ideas, conversations, and decision-making to foster healthier, safer, and more sustainable mobility options on the East Side of Buffalo by using engaging tools and strategies. Hallmark has created socially efficient policies that promote equitable development. The next phase ensures that residents benefit from project implementation. We anticipate that the Eastside Trails Connection project will bolster an inclusive plan of action backed by ground-up regulations that will excite the surrounding community and inspire an elevated way of life.

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