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Project Summary

In 2021, Mt. Olive Baptist Church and People Inc. proposed the Mt. Olive Senior Manor apartments. The senior housing facility is located on the Mt. Olive campus at 703 E. Delavan Avenue in the Delavan Grider neighborhood. The project sits on 4.61 acres and includes a three-story apartment building with 65 affordable senior and supportive housing units for persons 55 years and older. The development consists of 61 one-bedroom and four two-bedroom units, complete with a community center, fitness facility, and laundry room.

The strategic visioning process is one component of a multifaceted neighborhood revitalization effort that has been ongoing by the Mt. Olive Development Corporation. This process includes meetings, interviews, and conversations with the residents discussing critical issues, including affordable housing, quality of life, crime prevention, and health equity. The plan provides seniors with safe, quality housing while contributing to the health, quality, and sustainability of the development of the Delavan Grider neighborhood.

Utilizing proven and innovative methodologies through the observation, exploration, and implementation phases resulted in a strategic neighborhood plan. The plan syncs the community’s needs with the project’s priorities while maximizing both present and potential neighborhood assets and minimizing both clear and obscure challenges.

Armed with deep insight, abounding community endorsement, and substantial partnerships, Mt. Olive Senior Manor was approved for development by the City of Buffalo Planning Board in June 2021. Groundbreaking is estimated to take place in spring 2023.

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